At the July 9th Borough Council meeting, Sewickley Mayor Brian Jeffe raised a request to restore a handicap parking space in the 500 block of Locust Place.

Mr. Jeffe told the Council that he had received numerous requests from constituents about the need for this particular handicap space. Council members took time – 15-20 minutes – to discuss the process for restoring an eliminated handicap space.

The Gazette asked a question: how did the space get removed as a handicap space?

Council President first admonished us: “ we can’t have this discussion!”

He then expounded, with help from mayor Jeffe, about the process by which residents or businesses can request handicap spaces, and, after a time, those requests expire, or are withdrawn.

Parking Authority Member Del Miller was in attendance but did not participate in the discussion.

Mayor Jeffe added that a business on Locust may have requested the removal of the space.

Eventually Council voted to restore the handicap space. All of this dilatory discussion transpired in a meeting that had been whisked into new quick order: the “new” format launched by Borough Manager Marla Marcinko.

We were surprised to learn later from Richard Webb, head of the Parking Authority, that none other than Mayor Jeffe himself had initiated the request to remove said handicap parking space!

Mr. Webb added that the space was one of the mandated municipal handicap parking spaces.

Perhaps in the future Mr. Jeffe could be a bit more forthcoming. Saving everyone time.